5 keys to successfully managing your finances

by | Jun 9, 2021 | News & Blog

Generally, when a person reaches the retirement stage, they dedicate their time to smaller projects, resting, traveling, enjoying time with their grandchildren, etc. However, for many this represents a challenge because they do not have a pension or simply did not manage their finances on time. 

After all, reaching retirement does not have to be a stress, Quite the contrary, it can become a stage of tranquility as long as you make an early planning and management of your personal finances. Today we will share some tips for you to save and diversify your income. Let’s see!


Timing is one of the key factors when making this type of decision, since the earlier you start with a financial plan, the better your financial situation could be when you reach retirement. For example, if you start with this purpose at age 30 and retire at 60, you will already have a solid fund.


A financial plan is not done overnight, it usually takes some time, but it will be very useful because it will allow you to establish the direction of your goals, the assets you have, your savings, investments, etc. One of the ways to start with this plan is to visualize what kind of life you would like to have once the time comes for your retirement.

Faced with this scenario and knowing the needs that more and more entrepreneurs have, Trusted Advisors Group decided to create the Personal Advisory Program, a plan with the objective of meeting the financial goals of each person over time

What do you get in this program?

A diagnosis: this first phase will be very similar to the visit with a medical specialist; but in this case the client will have it with a financial advisor. There, through several interviews, the current situation, needs, objectives, etc. will be assessed.

A strategic plan: in this second stage, the advisor will analyze all the information gathered during the previous meetings with the client, and then, according to the needs, will create a report with the recommended strategy.

Action plan and follow-up: in this last phase, the recommended strategy will be implemented and the advisor will perform a continuous assessment so that the client can comply with the plan and the long-term established objectives


All money saved should have a purpose, that is, you should not have a very high amount of money saved in a bank account. In such cases, the best thing to do is to make an estimate of the amount you will need to cover some of your retirement needs, such as medical care, medicines, etc.

Similarly, it is necessary that you save so that you have an emergency fund, since as the years go by, events such as a traffic accident, a job loss, illness of a close relative, among others, may arise. All emergency funds are necessary because they will not divert you from your retirement savings plan.


If the money you have saved for years is not active, it will lose some value due to economic inflation. On the other hand, when you invest or buy some shares in a company, you could get higher returns than month-to-month savings plans.

It is also essential that you know all the investment options that exist in the market so that you can analyze the financial statements and projections of the business in which your money is going to end up. If you still don’t know how to invest, you can hire a financial advisor to present you with a plan and give you a perspective on the types of investments and which one is the best for you.


Generally speaking, every investment is likely to generate profits, but it could also carry risks, which is why it is important that investments do not stay in one place. The main types of diversification are classified by assets, sectors, geographic areas and currencies. With a broad diversification of shares, you will have a balance of higher and lower risk asset holdings.

The Trusted Advisors team has extensive experience to help you organize your finances and plan your future in the way that suits you best. Our services go beyond advice; it is an accompaniment to achieve your financial goals successfully.

In this sense, the Trusted Advisors advisory programs will benefit you in:

  • Improving the management of your finances
  • Improving your savings
  • Investing successfully


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