How to invest today in your retirement?

by | Jun 9, 2021 | News & Blog

If there is one thing the coronavirus pandemic taught us, it was the importance of saving. Saving is a habit that compensates and prepares us for the future, but above all, for the moment of retirement or withdrawal from work life.

Haven’t you thought about it yet? It’s time to do it. The earlier you start saving, the more likely you are to build long-term capital that can sustain your lifestyle. Experts recommend starting to save when you enter the labor market and allocating 7% to 10% of your salary for this purpose. Small contributions, as long as they are constant, will allow us to generate funds in accordance with our financial needs.

The best time to start thinking about retirement is today, says Yordanka Quiñones, Director of Wealth Management at Trusted Advisors Group.

Although the average retirement age varies between 60 and 65, Yordanka assures us that newer generations are looking for financial freedom much earlier and prefer to retire at 35 or 40 years of age.

The first step to build a capital is to request a wealth management assessment and define the savings capacity according to the assets and income generated.

It is important to know what the particular retirement needs are and draw a plan to build a fund in the next 10 or 20 years. “Trusted Advisor Group offers support to the client so that the client can be disciplined in their savings habits. There are people who spend it or don’t know how to invest it. It is similar to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We also provide advice so that the client can have a personalized strategy and place that money in an investment fund, if he prefers”, adds Yordanka.

There are several products in which money can be invested to make savings profitable, such as investment funds and pension plans. It is all a matter of making the right choice.

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