Business Advisory

Business support program for an annual period in order to meet your financial goals over time.

¿What does it entail?

Discovery meeting:

Using a questionnaire, we evaluate your current situation.

Strategic plan:

We analyze the information and create a report with the recommended strategy.

Action plan:

The strategy is implemented, we evaluate the process and we make sure to provide you with continuous advice, always seeking to comply with the long-term plan.

Others Services:

  • Shareholders agreements.
  • Dividend policies.
  • Investment flow plan.
  • Legal, fiscal and accounting structures.
  • Benefits plan for the work team.
  • Business legacy plan.
  • Business plan and continuity.
  • Pre feasibility of investments.
  • Face-to-face advice in Boards of Directors.
  • Business valuation.
  • Contingency plan

Business Advisory program


Monthly payment

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  • Interview
  • 4 hour of monthly monitoring.
  • Consolidated report of your wealth situation covering financial, legal and accounting aspects
  • Customized strategies and goals
  • Action and follow-through plan
  • Update of Consolidated Value of your businesses.
  • Update of Growth Strategies and Projections


Personal Advisory program


Family Advisory program

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