Success Stories #1


From Doctor to millionaire: how Trusted Advisors helped a professional reach his financial goals

At Trusted Advisors our clients have different profiles and goals. This is the success story of a young doctor who grew his wealth with effort and commitment.

He studied medicine in college and became a recognized professional. Head of a family and owner of his own clinic, over the years he managed to build a small wealth. He acquired a second property, a luxury car and certain comforts, but when he thought about his long-term financial goals, he did not know where to start in order to achieve them.

Paying for his children’s college, supporting his ailing father and retiring at age 65 were among his goals. When he came to Trusted Advisors and requested a wealth diagnostic, he received advice and a plan with defined short-, medium- and long-term goals. The first one consisted of guaranteeing his current lifestyle and covering the expenses of his father’s treatment, the second consisted of adequately managing his income flow monthly generated by his clinic, as well as other assets such as the rent of his own apartment. The third focused on raising enough capital to allow him to earn interest over the next 15 years and retire without depending on his Social Security.

Over the years and the accompaniment of Trusted Advisors this client assumed the commitment to contribute annually to his investments, an average of 100 thousand dollars. Today his assets are worth over $5 million dollars.

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