Success Stories #2

Young Entrepreneurs

The success story of a group of friends who went from having an informal business to a structured one and increase their profits up to 40% thanks to Trusted Advisors.

At Trusted advisors our clients have different profiles and goals. This is the success story of an entrepreneur who managed to shape his business and diversify his investments.

Together with his friends he opened a company which became very successful. However, the business had no legal structure, no clear objectives and no established policies on the profits that corresponded to each partner.

With the diagnosis and advice of Trusted Advisors, not only did they created an investment policy, but also a dividend policy, which allowed them to distribute 40% of the profits among the partners and reinvest the remaining 60% on improvements for the company.

In five years, they bought their own office, new equipment to expand the range of products and services, and also strengthened the relationship between friends and partners of the same company. The business they founded some time ago was formalized and gained a robust structure with easy access to financial solutions.

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