Success Stories #3

Family Business

Passing on the Legacy: How Trusted Advisors Group helped establish a generational legacy policy and ensure family business through generation

At Trusted Advisors our clients have different profiles and goals. This is the story of a family business that started with little resources and involved all family members to become a successful enterprise. However, passing on the legacy from one generation to the next was not an easy task. The children grew up and their perspectives on the business changed, neither did they know how to transfer the wealth to their own children in order to continue the business their grandparents founded.

As communication problems began to affect their family environment, there was a need to establish a clear policy. With Trusted Advisors Group, not only were misunderstandings between family members resolved, but also the business was consolidated and an investment plan was designed to effectively leverage resources in a unified manner. The family’s most important assets were defined, including easy access to private investments, as well as a commensurate generational legacy policy. Today the company is more strategically profitable and poised for a better future.

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