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Trusted Advisors Group

Our story begins in 2012 in Panama City, Panama, when the founder of Charlie Morris Group with over 25 years of experience in the capital markets and wealth management, has the idea of creating a firm of independent advisors with the aim of providing wealth solutions and investment advice to individuals, families and businesses that had the need to increase, manage and safeguard their assets to be durable over time.

Today, our team of expert advisors has more than 30 years of experience, which allows all our clients to have the security and confidence that their assets will be in the hands of an expert team capable of helping them achieve the financial peace of mind they desire. 


Our service goes beyond financial advice. Thanks to our allied partners we offer our clients a strategic plan that covers everything related to their financial structure including legal, accounting, tax, insurance and other issues, allowing us to offer a 360º service.  


We are committed to offer highly personalized advisory services that allow us to identify the main needs of our clients and serve as a basis to design unique strategies based on individual goals and objectives.

Do you want expert advice
To reach your financial goals


To identify your financial needs and opportunities in order to design a strategic plan that will allow you to achieve your financial goals, meet your wealth objectives and ensure your generational legacy.


To accompany you along the way and advise you in the difficult task of making financial decisions with the objective of increasing and safeguarding your wealth to see you reach your financial peace of mind.




Our team of expert advisors has a combined trajectory of more than 30 years of experience.

Customized Attention

We establish a close relationship based on the follow-up of your goals and the identification of opportunities that benefit your assets.


All information provided by our clients is shielded, handled and guarded with total discretion; accessible only to your designated advisor.

Capital Preservation

We propose conservative strategies with risk control to guarantee the protection and avoid the loss of value of your investments.

Global strategic planning

We have strategic alliances with the best institutions worldwide. This gives us access to a wide range of financial and investment advisory products in global markets.